The Pool’s Open!

Swimming Stud
Originally uploaded by Gumby_Mac72.

Yup, that’s me. Temps were in the 90’s today and the pool finally looked clean enough to jump in, so I did! The water temp was a cool 75 degrees, perhaps a little chillier than I was expecting, but it still felt good.

The water is almost perfectly clear in our pool now. We can see straight to the bottom now, and the greenish tint is gone. We’ve got two small hairline cracks in our pool filter, so we’ll need to replace it this season. I’ve applied some plastic expoxy over the cracks, and it seems to be holding for now.

I couldn’t talk Joy into jumping into the pool. I think it might’ve been a little too chilly for her, are may she’s afraid I’d pull out the camera again. You can thank her for the picture above, and for a few more that I don’t dare show. As you can see from the picture, I need little more time out in the sun, and I definitely need a little more time on the home gym! 🙂

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