Pollinated Pool Cover

Pollinated Pool Cover
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Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but Joy and I have been super busy with work, choir, freelance, bug club, and working on the house. We did take the pool cover off a few weeks back so that the pool could start circulating and we could get it ready for swim season.

That was a chore in itself. We had to drain what seemed like several hundred gallons of pollen filled water off the cover before we drug it off. Our buddy Spook was kind enough to come over and help out and show me how to operate the pool equipment (pumps, filters, and hoses).

After removing the cover, we realized that there are no lights in the pool! I guess we’ll only be able to swim under a full moon or install some kind of auxiliary lighting nearby. There’s also a hairline crack near the top of the pool filter (sand filled dome kind) and it leaks a smidge. Looks like we’ll need to replace that this season. Other than that, we’re looking forward to relaxing our troubles away in our “new” pool!

More pictures coming soon of the complete renovations on the house (I promise!). We’ve got the office painted and a new ceiling fan installed. We just have to clean our junk out of there so we can get some good pics. Check back soon!

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